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They took grounders. They took batting practice. They threw off the bullpen mound. They simulated some game situations. And they played several intrasquad games. And now, at long last, the Nationals will take the field and play a baseball game against an opposing team for the first time in days. And the folks involved in this game are relieved the time has finally come.

Indeed, there was only so much else the Nationals could get out of scrimmages and pseudo-game situations against each other. Eventually, they needed to play another team in an organized game. MLB is allowing teams to play only three exhibition games before the regular season begins.

So it adds a distinct element of pressure and intensity to what normally would be a completely meaningless ballgame. The Nationals are fortunate enough to be hosting their first exhibition, in their own ballpark, having spent the last two weeks becoming familiar with the new protocols designed to help keep everyone healthy.

But they will be making their first road trip - albeit a short one - Monday evening when they fight traffic up the Baltimore-Washington Parkway for the first game of a home-and-home exhibition series with the Orioles.

But everybody else has got to do the same thing. Nationals hitters will be facing Phillies ace Aaron Nola. Read More News. Subscribe to mobile updates! Featured School's always in session! Bring an apple and check out Roch's new classroom. Byron Kerr: Byron covers the Nats from every angle and on every level.

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Mark Zuckerman. Nats ready to take next step with first exhibition game. By: Mark Zuckerman. View Comments. It will feel comfortably normal for many. And it will simultaneously feel eerily unfamiliar.

Robles joins camp, watches game from dugout. Kendrick will be ready for opener MASN to air two exhibitions.

Nationals release veteran reliever Abad. Summer training news and notes. Nationals in standoff with D. Nationals News Releases Nationals announce broadcast schedule. Nationals announce schedule. Nationals announce schedule and exhibition games.Out of all the bottom-of-the-barrel teams in the American Athletic Conference, the South Florida Bulls have the biggest potential to a steady climb towards the top.

The Bulls wanted a head coach that would be able to create a strong culture with the team as well as develop the hunger for wins and championships. This was a program that experienced many successful seasons and great moments in just the 20 years of playing in the Division 1 level. Their first real taste of success came in when the Bulls were ranked as high as No. In the and seasons, the Bulls combined for a record as they finished ranked in the AP poll in both years.

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The following season, the Bulls finished with a record with a mark in conference play. It was the previous season where the Bulls continued their descent deeper into a losing record. This was for head coach Charlie Strong as he could not continue that high-volume of success that he originally started at South Florida in Consistency was an issue for the program under Strong.

The Bulls knew to bring a coach that knows well about handling consistency and winning in coach Scott. The following season showed there was potential for these players to win multiple games.

saturday step x step

They were not brought into a proper gameplan to finish strong. This season will not be easy for the first-time head coach as the Bulls have a brutal schedule and a roster of untapped potential. The Bulls were not able to use the spring training to build some form of chemistry with their team on both sides of the ball. Scott will get his first insight into the process of being a head coach that involves the development of the team on offense, defense and special teams.

He was there when Dabo Swinney did a complete process work for the Clemson Tigers. Next 1 of 4 Prev post. USF football looks to build a championship hungry program with new head coach Jeff Scott. Next: Offense. Load Comments. View all All College Football Sites. View all SEC Sites. View all Big 12 Sites. View all Big Ten Sites. View all ACC Sites. View all Pac 12 Sites.The mission will see astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley launched into space on board a Falcon 9 rocket, on a kilometre journey to the International Space Station.

The launch is set to take place at EDT, and in the build up, a number of key steps must be taken:. If the launch goes to plan, and the rocket reaches orbit, the crew and SpaceX mission control will verify the spacecraft is performing as intended by testing the environmental control and life support systems, the maneuvering thrusters, and thermal control systems, among other things.

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Science all Most Read Most Recent. Coronavirus While restrictions are gradually easing across the UK, experts have warned that we could be hit with a second wave of coronavirus if we return to 'normal' life too quickly. Coronavirus The official advice from the UK government is to consider wearing a face mask in enclosed public spaces, such as on public transport or in supermarkets. Flying Ant Day When is it? What is it? How to get rid of ants in the UK Flying ants Britain is being overrun by swarms of flying ants - and watch out for crazy seagulls that become "drunk" on the little insects.

SpaceX's Starlink satellites set to be launched this evening after two failed attempts Elon Musk SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket was due to launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida earlier this week, but was cancelled minutes before launch due to the weather. Most Read Most Recent. Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi's mother both read two of the bride and groom's favourite poems during the private ceremony, which was attended by around 20 guests.Oh Cec you wouldn't believe it - I really needed this tutorial recently but couldn't find anything like it.

I'll be bookmarking this one! Thank you so much for taking the time to share the template and measurements so clearly xx.

X-STEP Overview

Cec, these are fabulous! I super love the pop up design on the 2nd gift card holder! It's so chic! The mitten is darling and you already know how much I love tags! What a wonderful tutorial and such a great idea to share these befor the holidays!

Cec, brilliant! Love all three ideas and with older girls who always are going to parties this are much needed ideas in my house! These are all so neat. I think I could at least pull off the last one!!! Thank you so much for the great step by steps.

These are such awesome ideas Cec! I love the Graphic 45 papers too!! I'm definitely bookmarking this page. So many wonderful ways to give gift cards. Love it!!!!! Hugs -- Mary Elizabeth. Fabulous tutorials on gift card holders! Perfect for the upcoming holidays when I need them the most!

A Step-by-Step Sourdough Recipe Guide

I love all the beautiful papers you used and fantastic details! Great job! Sherrie K. These are brilliant! Thank you so much. My niece is getting married in August and I will definitely be making the pop up holder. I love all of these and your papers are stunning, of course! Your gift card holders are fabulously beautiful, clever, and so very useful!! The templates are easy to follow and your embellishments are perfection. I'm always giving gift cards, so I'm pinning your post for future use!

Hugs, Nancy. Hello and welcome to Saturday and another step x step for you. It is Cec here and today I am going to share three very different gift card holders all made using Graphic 45 papers. Jenny Marples July 30, at AM.

Suzanne C July 30, at AM.Oh just brilliant Kathy! I'm loving seeing how these different layers come together right down to the amazing details inside - so much cleverness and so worth it!

Hi Kathy a wonderful explanation of how to layer everything together. I love what you have donex. What a wonderful, thorough explanation! Could you please explain what you mean when you wrote, "The larger and bolder the pattern, the lower it sits on the card. Thank you so much! By saying "the lower it sits on the card" I am referring to the bottom layers, or the layers closest to the card base.

Hope that makes sense! Wonderful tutorial Kathy! I love the little fishtail banners you added! Your layering is just fabulous! Awesome step by step! Love that vintage cracked glass and stenciling you created on the time piece! I have also got this paperpad in my stack, but would never have this idea for a project. It's great!! Lia xx. Kathy, this is stunning!!!

H.I.T. 2 the Core Cardio \u0026 Abs Workout using Brenda DyGraf's X-Step WorkStation

You work so well with bold colors of Graphics 45 collections! Love it!!! Hugs Samra Paper Talk with Samra. How did you know that Graphic 45 was intimidating? I stopped buying it, because I was afraid to use it!!

I have several projects with all the parts for them, but I don't want to waste the paper. I have 2 boxes with tags to cover and put pictures of my great grandson and John's grandson. I just keep putting it off. Your cards are fantastic as usual. You must have your studio in some kind of working order.

Hope the rest of the house is starting to come together. I hate unpacking as much as packing I think. I loved your cards. Take care. Lots of hugs. I love what you created with the Graphic 45 paper. I love their papers, but as you mentioned, am always too timid to use it "properly". Thanks for your very informative instructions. Excellent step-by-step tutorial! Love getting a glimpse into your thought process as you build and create these amazing projects!

Graphic 45 needs you!!Sourdough is the original way to leaven bread, and evidence of it dates to B. When flour mixes with water, starches convert to sugars in an enzymatic reaction. The lactobacilli change sugars to lactic and acetic acids, souring the dough. As the dough becomes more acidic, the yeasts that tolerate acid begin to convert sugars into carbon dioxide and ethanol. Because they are living entities, sourdough starters need care, and this may be where their reputation for being finicky comes from.

Actually, caring for sourdough starters is easy: They just need regular feedings of flour and water. Following sourdough bread recipes involves steps spanning more than one day, but these steps are not complicated. One way to make sourdough bread recipes work with your schedule is to bake the bread when you have time and eat it later. Homemade sourdough bread stays fresh longer than other breads — up to a week, and baked sourdough loaves also freeze well.

It likes to be fed regularly. It requires food, water and oxygen, plus time to digest its meals. Think of it like a pet to make your life easier and sourdough bread less mysterious. Order fresh or dried starters which come with activation instructions from companies such as Sourdoughs International. Usually the instructions tell you to feed the starter several times over a couple of days to bring it up to baking potential. You can also get a sourdough starter from a friend or generous baker.

Most often, the baker will discard some of the original starter at each feeding. Store your starter in a nonreactive container with an opening wide enough to allow you to stir the starter. A ceramic crock or glass jar works well. Cover loosely, and make sure the lid is not airtight — cheesecloth secured with a rubber band will do the trick. Some starters reportedly work best with only refined flour or only whole-grain flour.

Through experimentation, you can discover which your starter likes. Monica Spiller, a sourdough baker of more than 30 years and founder of The Whole Grain Connectionrecommends using exclusively stone-ground, percent whole-wheat flour for sourdough. Whole-grain starters tend to be more needy because they are more active. The enzymes in the outer layers and the germ of the wheat seed are not present in white flour. These enzymes contribute to more active and faster fermentation.

If you have a neglected sourdough starter, try to revive it with small feedings before giving up. You can maintain a stiff starter with a consistency similar to bread dough, or a wetter version. Here are some sample starter-maintenance methods, all of which can be adjusted according to the recipe you use on baking day. If you plan on making sourdough bread three times per week or more: Maintain your starter at room temperature.

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In this case, experts at King Arthur Flour recommend feeding the starter daily. First remove all but 4 ounces. The day before baking, feed it twice without removing any starter. Let a minimum of six hours elapse between feedings. The last feeding should be six to eight hours before you mix your bread dough.

If you plan on making sourdough bread just once or twice a week: Keep your starter in the refrigerator. For example, if you plan to bake on Saturday, remove the starter from the refrigerator on Thursday morning.

Set aside all but 4 ounces, and feed that with 4 ounces each of flour and water. Stir them in until mixed well, and cover loosely. Feed again on Friday morning, Friday night and Saturday morning, adding enough flour and water to build the starter up to the volume your recipe requires, plus a little extra at least 1 ounce to keep your starter going.Love how you created those flowers, and on vellum too - genius!!

Great work, Cec! Thank you for the step by step instructions, for newbies like me it really is very welcome. I love the colours of your card, the layout and those gorgeous vellum flowers. Really beautiful and off to give this idea a go! Thank you x. This is fabulous, Cec.

saturday step x step

I loved it when I saw it on this week's challenge. The colors are just so pretty and I'm delighted to know how you achieved those lovely flowers.

saturday step x step

Hugs, Linda. Love your card Cec! The chalk works so well on the vellum and I love all the different textures. Thanks for the great step-by-step. This is amazing, Cec! What a fantastic tutorial and great techniques! Love your absolutely beautiful card! Thank you so much for a detailed step by step! Branka xxx. For a change it's some supplies I actually already own and recently re-found! Thanks for sharing Karen x.

Oh Cec, the effect you've got with the chalk on vellum for these flowers is gorgeous!!! So soft, subtle and delicate.


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